Energy Efficiency

Following please find an array of links to help learn about energy efficiency in agriculture.

Focus On Energy: Agriculture and Rural BusineLow_Pressure_Irrigationss

Focus on Energy is a statewide Wisconsin partnership funded by the public benefits fund to improve Wisconsin’s energy efficiency, economy, and environment. Their site includes easy-to-read and informative articles specific to energy use on farms.

Focus On Energy’s Farm Assessment Toolkit

This is a free assessment tool run by the State and University of Wisconsin. The Farm Assessment Toolkit is a convenient and helpful tool that informs farmers where to improve their energy efficiency and savings.  This should be one of the first steps taken by farmers who want to improve their efficiency.

ATTRA’s Farm Energy WebsiteThe ATTRA site, by the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service, provides a useful library of their detailed and helpful guides on energy efficiency and renewable energy in agriculture, as well as other links to other resources.


EnSave has been performing agricultural energy audits since 1991. They provide energy audits and technical assistance to farms throughout the U.S. EnSave is very familiar with the REAP program and can provide audits that meet REAP requirements. EnSave can also help farmers access other sources of funding for energy efficiency projects.

Energy Center of Wisconsin Publications Online

The Energy Center of Wisconsin provides a searchable database of publications. Being based in Wisconsin, they have a strong focus on dairy farms and energy efficiency.

CET Online, Energy and Small Farm Sustainability

The Center for Ecological Technology offers helpful readings about farm technologies and several informative and concise readings about energy efficient technologies that can reduce electric bills.

Efficient Lighting and Other Ways to Save Energy

Find numerous links to helpful web sites on how to save money and energy with energy efficiency. It’s good for your family, your company and the country. At Efficient Lighting and Other Ways to Save Energy.