Following please find of links to help learn about solar energy for agriculture.

Power Naturally’s Introduction to Solar Energy Applications for Agriculture

This publication is called “An Introduction to Solar Energy Applications for Agriculture,” (PDF format) and reading it should be the first step any farmer interested in using solar energy should read.

Department of Energy’s  Solar Energy Applications for Farms and Ranches

Solar Greenhouse EnergyThe EERE (Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy) branch of the Department of Energy created this site to provide farmers information on solar energy.  The site has general information and provides links for farmers to learn more about the individual applications of solar energy.

Union of Concerned Scientists

A short introductory article by the Union of Concerned Scientists about solar energy systems for agriculture.  The article offers advice, links, and information to help make purchasing easier.

Solar Water Heating

This document published by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (PDF format) provides an introduction to Solar Water Heating.

DOE’s Solar Pages

This government site has excellent information and links regarding solar energy.   This site answers many specific and how-to questions regarding solar systems.

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

The National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (by NCAT) created this site with information, solar success stories and links to other resources.  For example, check out two excellent documents: “Solar-Powered Livestock Watering Systems”, and “Solar Greenhouses Resource List.”

Solar Powered Livestock Watering-Systems

This document from ATTRA provides a helpful description of livestock watering systems.