Farm Bill Appropriations

FY2015 Agricultural Appropriations

(January, 2015) The House and Senate completed their work on FY2015 appropriations for the US Department of Agriculture, including farm energy programs and the President signed the bill.

Following are the final appropriations figures, followed by a description of the legislative actions on the funding.

FY2015 Appropriations 

Section name 2015
Biobased Markets Program  $3
Biorefinery, et al Assistance $30
Bioenergy Program for Advanced Biofuels  $15
Biodiesel Fuel Education Program  $1
Rural Energy for America Program  $51
Biomass Research and Development  $3
Biomass Crop Assistance Program $23


President’s Budget Request

The President’s budget request to Congress supported the full mandatory funding for the Energy Title. Additionally, the President requested $10 million for the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP).

House Action

The House Appropriations Committee voted to slash mandatory funding by a total of $65 million from three key energy programs.

The committee cut $20 million (40%) in mandatory funding from the REAP, though they also added $3.5 million in discretionary funds for loan guarantees. They, likewise, cut mandatory funding for the Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP) by 40%, to only $15 million. The biggest cut was at 78% for the Biorefinery, Renewable Chemical, and Biobased Product Manufacturing Assistance program, which would leave $22 million in funding.

Senate Action

The Senate Appropriations Committee respected the mandatory funding agreed to by Congress when they passed the Farm Bill in January. They provided an additional $1.35 million in discretionary funding to REAP. The Senate committee also called for biogas system development to be prioritized in Energy Title programs and called for REAP to focus on agricultural producers.