Farm Bill Appropriations

FY2016 Agricultural Appropriations

(October, 2015) After action by both the House and Senate Appropriations Committees on FY2016 appropriations for the US Department of Agriculture, the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) and other Farm Bill clean energy programs, face severe cuts for Fiscal Year 2016.

In the last hours of fiscal year 2015 on September 30, Congress passed a temporary Continuing Resolution to continue government operations. The Continuing Resolution funds the U.S. government at existing levels through December 11. Further action on the FY2016 appropriation is uncertain given conditions in Congress regarding leadership choices and future action on the overall FY2016 appropriations.

Cuts to the programs affect mandatory funding, an unusual move known in Washington, D.C. as a “CHIMP” or “CHange In Mandatory Programs.” Mandatory funding was set in the Farm Bill passed just last year, in 2014. The Energy Title was cut overall by  47%, on an annual basis.

Following are the final appropriations figures, followed by a description of the legislative actions on the funding, for key Farm Bill Energy Title programs. You can find more background on House cuts to renewable energy and energy efficiency programs here.



FY2016 Appropriations 

Section name Mandatory Funding President’s Request House Approps Committee Senate Approps Committee
Bioenergy Program for Advanced Biofuels $15.0 $15.0 $15.0 $15.0
Rural Energy for America Program $50.0 $60.0 $35.8 $50.5
Biomass Crop Assistance Program $25.0 $25.0 $12.0 $3.0