Lincoln Agri-Energy

Palestine, Illinois
Ethanol Production Facility
Section 9006 Grant: $300,000

Lincolnland Agri-Energy is a majority farmerowned ethanol production facility located in Crawford County on the eastern edge of Illinois. The plant has an annual capacity of 40 million gallons of ethanol and 128,000 tons of dried distillers grains.

Lincolnland was formed as a new generation cooperative in 2001 with 453 farmer-investors. In addition to the Section 9006 grant, the cooperative found additional investors to help fund the proposed ethanol plant, which is organized as an LLC. Ethanol production began in 2004. Lincolnland is one of two farmer-owned ethanol plants in Illinois.

The plant is a triple-win for area farmers, the community, and energy security. The plant is buying 17 million bushels of corn (from area farmers) and providing a premium to farmers of 7-10 cents/ bushel over market prices. Also, 33 local residents work there. The profits are being retained by local investors. Finally, the facility is producing 40 million gallons of renewable, domestically-sourced fuel.