Bonnie & Donald Vos

Oskaloosa, Iowa
Energy Efficiency/Grain Drying
Section 9006 Grant: $12,250

Bonne and Donald Vos wanted to upgrade a 40 year-old grain drying facility on their Oskaloosa farm with more efficient equipment. They received a Section 9006 grant to help fund the replacement of the inefficient 3,000-bushel grain bins and drying fans with a new facility that is twice as large.

The Voses dry about 70,000 bushels of corn a year. They estimate that the upgraded equipment saves them over $17,000 in propane costs, or bout 22 cents per bushel, compared to their old system.

Since the Voses installed their new grain dryer, 150 other Iowa farmers have also been awarded Section 9006 grants averaging $25,000 for grain dryer replacements. This demonstrates how the program has served as a catalyst for energy efficiency improvements throughout the state.