REAP Application Resources and Templates

This and related pages are being updated to reflect changes in the new Rural Energy for America Program – REAP from the 2014 Farm Bill. The materials and links on this page will help applicants more efficiently prepare effective REAP applications.

Is it important that applicants contact their state USDA Energy Coordinator early in the application process. Your state Energy Coordinator needs to perform an environmental review at the project site that must be completed for your application. They can help to review your project for program eligibility, for application assistance and to learn about additional resources specific to your state and region. (Plus, the State offices directly allocate some REAP funds).

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Application Preparation Resources

Much of this useful information was provided by Iowa Rural Development web site.

Application Templates and Tools

Your work in preparing your REAP application can be made easier with the templates, checklists, score sheets and other tools prepared by the Iowa USDA Rural Development office. Applicants need to be careful to make sure they are preparing materials appropriate to their application.

Grants or Loan Guarantee Applications

Under the 2008 Farm Bill version of REAP, there were two levels of applications, “simplified” and “full.”  Projects where total eligible project costs are $200,000 or less (grant request $50,000 or less), may submit the simplified application. Projects where total eligible project costs exceed $200,000 submit the full application. Changes will come due to 2014 Farm Bill language but the timing is unknown.

Application templates for both of these levels may be found at the Iowa USDA Rural Development office 

Feasibility Study Grants

Feasibility study grants as a stand-alone activity were disallowed under the 2014 Farm Bill.

The Regulations

Applicants may need or want to refer to the program rules. These were written when the program was “Section 9006,” titled the “Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvements Program.” These rules apply to REAP.

Forms for REAP Grant Application

The forms listed below are required for 9006 applications. Each of the forms has detailed instructions included. Several of the below forms can be filled out on-line and printed. Please note that the data is lost when the file is closed.

In addition to the forms listed, include:

  • A copy of a bank statement or a funding commitment letter from your outside funding source (bank, state grants or other).
  • If your project involves interconnection to an electric utility, a copy of a power purchase agreement, interconnection agreement or letter of intent for an interconnection agreement
  • A certification indicating any known relationship or association with any USDA employee.

SF 424, Application for Federal Assistance (.pdf file)

This is a standard form used by applicants as a required facesheet for applications submitted for Federal assistance.

SF 424C, Budget Information–Construction Programs (.pdf file)

This form is used for submitting detailed project budget information.

SF 424D, Assurances–Construction Programs (.pdf file)

This form requires only a signature verifying compliance with various Federal construction project standards.

AD 1047, Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, and Other Responsibility Matters- Primary Covered Transactions (.pdf file)

This form requires only a signature verifying that the applicant is not barred from doing business with the Federal government.

AD-1048, Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, Ineligibility and Voluntary Exclusion -Lower Tiered Covered Transactions (.pdf file)

AD 1049, Certification Regarding a Drug-Free Workplace Requirements (.pdf file)

This form requires only a signature verifying that the applicant operates a drug-free workplace.

RD 400-1, Equal Opportunity Agreement (.pdf file)

This form requires only a signature verifying that the applicant is an equal opportunity employer.

RD 400-4, Assurance Agreement (.pdf file)

This form requires only a signature providing assurance that the applicant will provide access to financial records and the project itself to USDA officials.

RD 1940-Q, Certification for Contracts, Grants and Loans

This form requires only a signature verifying that no Federal funds have been or will be used to influence elected officials or other government employees. The form is only required if your grant request exceeds $100,000.

RD 1940-20, Request for Environmental Information (.pdf file)

This form is used to summarize the environmental impact of the proposed project.

SF LLL, Disclosure of Lobbying Activities (.pdf file)

This form is used to disclose of any lobbying activity performed on behalf of the applicant.

To read PDF files, get Adobe Acrobat Reader free

Total eligible project costs are $200,000 or less (grant request $50,000 or less).