Following please find an array of links to help learn about biofuels.

American Coalition for Ethanol. This group promotes ethanol use and provides a wide range of useful resources on the industry, policy and technology.

Renewable Fuels Association. The Renewable Fuels Association is an industry lobby group in Washington, DC. Its website includes a list of cellulosic ethanol refineries under construction and in development.

DOE Outlook. A 2007 paper providing the official view for ethanol industry expansion using cellulosic ethanol technologies.

David Morris’ View on Ethanol. Okay, this page only has some of his views. But you can find more from this pioneering thinker at this site.

Biodiesel–A Primer. From our friends at NCAT and ATTRA! Learn more about biodiesel basics here.

BBI Biofuels. A long-standing firm providing educational events and seminars on the biofuels industry.

Governors’ Ethanol Coalition. A coalition of a number of Governors from ethanol-producing states.