Diverse Groups Send Letter Supporting REAP

(April 3rd, 2018) Eighty diverse organizations from around the country signed a letter to Congressional agriculture committees in support of the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP).

The diverse mix of signers included the Arkansas Farmers Union, Organic Valley, The Poultry Federation, the National Wildlife Federation and Georgia Interfaith Power & Light. These examples illustrate the wide range of support and need for REAP across the country. REAP provides opportunities for rural small business and farmers to cut costs and raise profit margins.

The letter emphasized that REAP is needed now: “REAP also creates new revenue streams, increasing farm income at a time when rural communities are struggling with a multiyear slump in the farm economy.”

“REAP opens new opportunities to save and make money for farmers and rural small businesses in every state and across agricultural sectors,” stated the letter, reflecting the broad population benefiting from the program.

Due to REAP’s role in boosting rural economic development, the program has always enjoyed bipartisan support. Signers hope that House and Senate Agriculture Committee members heed the support for REAP and continue the program with sufficient funding.

A copy of the letter can be found here (PDF).