Annual REAP Funding Grows to Nearly $100 Million

Good news on a key funding victory for the Farm Bill Energy Title! On October 16, 2009, the President signed the 2010 agriculture appropriations budget into law. The bill significantly increases the Rural Energy for America Program’s (REAP) total funding by adding an additional $39.34 million in discretionary funding to the program. That funding, in combination with the $60 million in mandatory funding for next year, increases total REAP funding to $99.34 million.

The President’s action is a victory for the Environmental Law and Policy Center and other groups supporting farm clean energy development throughout the country. REAP has grown from $0 to $23 million to nearly $100 million next year. It is now hitting stride with demonstrable economic, environmental and carbon-reduction benefits.

REAP and other energy programs in the Farm Bill help farmers and rural businesses invest in locally-owned energy projects and spurs rural economic development, while helping America tackle global warming challenges.

Our 2010 Farm Bill Clean Energy appropriations chart summarizes the current funding for all Energy Title programs and compares funding to 2009 levels.