Crete Food Mart

Crete, Nebraska
Energy Efficiency
Section 9006 Grant: $11,750

Crete Food Mart is a 14,000 square foot family- owned grocery store located in southeastern Nebraska. Peter Clark, the store’s owner, learned about the Section 9006 grant program through a newsletter from his grocery distributor. He was interested in cutting his energy costs, especially because some of the store’s produce coolers were over 35 years old, and much of the store’s other equipment was old and inefficient.

An energy audit of the store provided by Nebraska Public Power District identified energy savings opportunities. Clark then used the grant to help invest in new produce and milk coolers, a walk-in freezer, and high-efficiency lighting fixtures. The projected energy savings are nearly 50% with a payback of less than 5 years.

Apart from the energy savings, the investment is yielding other benefits for the store and the town. Refrigeration maintenance costs are down because the equipment is new. The store also looks better, which is increasing sales. Overall, the project is improving the store’s bottom line, protecting local jobs and helping to maintain a local grocer in Crete.