Last Mile Electric Cooperative

Pacific Northwest
Farm-Scale and Utility-Scale Wind
Section 9006 Grants: $77,449 – 2003
$307,000 – 2004

The Last Mile Electric cooperative is an association of public utility districts and electric cooperatives in Washington. The co-op invests in both farm-scale and utility-scale wind turbines from farms, ranches and public and private facilities across the Northwest.

Northwest Sustainable Energy for Economic Development (Northwest SEED) and the Last Mile Electric cooperative were awarded a Section 9006 grant in 2003 for $77,449 to finance nine 10 kW turbines installed on farms and ranches. One of these turbines is on Montana rancher Jess Alger’s land near Stanford. He expects wind to power most of his home and farming operation.

farmbill-success-stories_page_07_image_0002_thumbAccording to Alger, “the nation needs policy that is focused on renewable energy, and continuing to fund Section 9006 is a step in that direction. Funding more renewable energy projects, like wind sites, would reduce carbon dioxide emissions and I think that is very important.”

Following up on the success of the small turbine program, Northwest SEED and the Last Mile Cooperative received a $307,000 Section 9006 grant for a utility-scale project in 2004. The 660 kW turbine at Luna Point in Goldendale, Washington will be the first community wind project in the state of Washington. Profits from the sale of wind power will benefit Operation Warm Heart, a low-income energy assistance program.