Wind Energy

REAP and its predecessor Section 9006 program funds a range of wind energy systems both large and small.

Small Wind System

USDA defines “small” wind systems as systems in which the rated power of the wind turbine is 100 kilowatts (kw) or smaller and with a generator hub height of 120 feet.  Such “small” wind systems typically are suited for smaller on-farm or rural small business use.

Large Wind System

A “large” wind system is any wind energy system larger than 100 kw. These systems can range up to 1.5 MW or more in size for each turbine. REAP typically helps to fund systems installed by rural electric cooperatives, farmers, and local investors (“community wind” projects).

With the addition of feasibility studies to REAP as a stand-alone activity, farmers and rural small businesses can also evaluate their options for large-scale wind projects. A feasibility study is key for success with large projects and increases the local owner’s equity.